Kickboxing For The Street (KB4S)

Kickboxing For The Street (KB4S)

April 21, 2018 Kickboxing Media 0
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What is kb4s?

Kickboxing For The Street (or KB4S for short) is a unique curriculum created by Chad McBroom, the owner of Comprehensive Fighting Systems based out of Arizona. Co-sponsored by CrossRoads Shooting Sports and The Well Armed Woman, Des Moines Chapter, I was fortunate to bring Chad to Iowa last summer to teach this class to several ladies (and even a couple men).

While KB4S by itself is not a comprehensive self defense class; the material taught is intended to be implemented into a woman’s normal cardio kickboxing class. Doing so will amplify the workout, while mentally and physically preparing ones defensive ability.

More Intensity!

Over the past couple years I have been participating in Ferrell’s Kickboxing on and off. Without any true formal coaching I thought I had been doing pretty well with my form. The KB4S class taught me otherwise. I took my newfound knowledge to my usual Ferrell’s kickboxing class and worked harder, visualizing my opponent with every strike. The next day my body let me know I had pushed well beyond my comfort zone.

There’s a saying that goes something like this; If you learn one thing that could save your life, it’s worth it. While we won’t know when that time comes, I think it’s best to prepare for it any way you can. Even if it’s something as simple as ratcheting up your normal kickboxing workout to intensify kicks and strikes and increase stamina.

While taking this class I also became certified as a KB4S instructor. If you’re interested in having me teach a Kickboxing For the Street class for a group of friends, let me know.

Chad wrote an in-depth article that was published in RECOIL magazine and also appears on RECOIL web. Click the link below to check it out!

Kickboxing for the Street


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