Mission and Philosphy

P3A Training


To provide quality pistol and shotgun instruction to students for sport and self-defense.


Our philosophy is our guide: Persist regardless of setbacks, be committed to learning and seek relevant training, have fun, and influence and change the world through continual improvement of oneself.


Sheena has been shooting for over 10 years and teaching pistol and shotgun fundamentals for over 4 years. She was the prior Training Director for CrossRoads Shooting Sports in Johnston, Iowa from 2017-2018. A perpetual student herself, she commits to at least two training classes each year to expand her own skills.

Sheena has contributed publications to firearms-related magazines such as RECOIL OFFGRID and NSSF SHOT Business. She enjoys giving readers a female perspective on firearms and self-protection related issues.

She co-leads The Well Armed Woman Des Moines Chapter, an organization dedicated to Educating, Equipping, and Empowering women. They meet and shoot together monthly at CrossRoads Shooting Sports. Women are welcome to come to a meeting for free their first time.